Key Compliance Issues
Sponsoring an employee benefits plan has never been more complicated – or more challenging - than it is today. The Affordable Care Act has brought new regulations, reporting and notification requirements and changes in benefit plan designs. If that’s not enough, fines for non-compliance - and the chance of being audited – have never been higher, and proper compliance requires the coordination of technology, payroll services and employee benefits.

In the face of these complications, we're changing how business does benefits by making it simpler. We integrate risk identification and mitigation, HIPAA, ERISA and Affordable Care Act analysis, compliance and reporting services into every aspect of our work on your benefit plan, and provide your business with a cost-effective, fully compliant benefits plan that meets your needs - including the coordination of technology, payroll services and employee benefits.

We also provide employee satisfaction and workplace engagement surveys, so that you may be sure that the benefits you're providing your employees are valued by them.
Whether you choose a fully insured plan, a self-funded plan or a PEO (Professional Employment Organization) you'll be free to devote your time, effort and energy to the success of your business, secure in the knowledge that your employee benefits plan is doing what it is supposed to for both your employees and your bottom line.

We're changing how business does benefits.

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we're changing how business does benefits